Monday, September 5, 2016


  For some reason I have been lacking in motivation lately.  My brain has been coming up with newer or better things to make, but getting to making them is oddly difficult for me right now.  Tonight, for example, I had planned to sit down and try and making a beaded bangle cover for the forms I bought a while ago.  The internet and BluRay players were not getting along and Netflix kept having to load, play at low quality, and sometimes didn't have sound.  I got annoyed after restarting it a few times and having the same problems.  Instead of just putting on a regular movie or using my tablet to watch things I got onto the computer and just watched YouTube instead of doing anything.
  I'm hoping once I get a good night's sleep tonight and finish with work tomorrow I will be able to focus more.  I have had these bracelets planned for a while now, and no one will notice them until I have them made and ready to show off.

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