Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still nothing new in the store?

I know missing the holiday season isn't the best idea for someone trying to sell things.  It would have been nice if I had decided to start this whole re-vamp sooner... and if general life inconveniences hadn't popped-up.
I've also been testing a few knitting patterns while I get other things for the shop in order.

Some good news is that I have been hired by someone to crochet some squares for them.  She called when I was at work to ask if the crochet class was going to happen or not.  Since she was the only one taking it, it was going to get canceled.  She asked if anyone in the store knew how to crochet.  When I told her that I did she asked if I would do something for her.
When she came in to talk to me I found out that she has a degenerative disk decease.  It doesn't let her do crafts for very long before it hurts.  She had made a crochet blanket for her daughter for Christmas, well, it was seen.  She promised her niece one, but hasn't been able to complete it.  She has been working on it for 4 months and have only been able to finish 2 squares.  She asked me to finish the last ones for her, and I agreed.  We both agreed on a price and I now have all I need to work on them.
I'm going to try and finish them before I do too much more with the shop.