Thursday, April 23, 2015

Some things have been falling through the cracks.

  I know I am horrible at time management.  Lately some things have been falling through the cracks.  One of the things that have been lacking lately has been real blogging.  I have been trying to keep the Facebook page updated, but often I have been choosing to work on items over talking about them.  It doesn't help that they have been giving me more hours at my day job.

  Owl stitch markers seem to be the most popular things in my shop this year.  So I decided to use the multi-colored ones and my black cotton cord to make some more.

  I have not listed these before, but this style of stitch marker were the first ones I have ever made.  I thought it would be fun to bring them back.

  I saw someone on YouTube make some super cute glass pebbles where they colored the back with nail polish.  The only problem is that then she didn't show what to do with them.  Most people make them into magnets, bit that idea didn't appeal to me.  Some more searching showed that a lot of people glued ring backs or flat-back bails to them, but I am a super paranoid person when it comes to trusting just glue on non-porous items.
  I had considered using a bezel, but the ones I have are from the craft store for floral decor, so they are all kinds of different sizes and shapes.  I even tried to make my own bezel out of polymer clay, but I ended up covering more of the front than I wanted to before I felt like they would really be safe in there.

  I then though of how I love making beaded netting, but how it usually takes too long to easily make something.  I combined that with the idea of a bezel and these are what I came up with.

Pink and Yellow Beaded Pebble Pendant

Pink, Green, and Yellow Dot Beaded Pebble Pendant

Blue, White, and Black Dot with Purple Beaded Pebble Pendant

Blue and Gold Beaded Pebble Pendant