Thursday, February 13, 2014

This time I mean it!

Yesterday I noticed that on my schedule for my "day job" I only work 2 days next week.  I knew it was a sign!  It also snowed a ton last night and I got a snow-day today.  Another sign in my eyes.
Last night I spent some time and worked on a style I liked better for the pocket tissue covers.  I also made a style that takes a lot longer to make and is harder for people to get the tissues into and out of.  I think that one won't be made more than once.

Here is a picture of the original style on the top and the newer one on the bottom.  I like how the lining is showing.  What is the point of picking out a fun lining if it is kept a secret?  I think I am going to make that border a bit bigger on future ones.

This is the one that will be one of a kind.  It looks pretty cool and you wouldn't think it would be much harder to make, but for some reason it was a pain.  I don't know if it was just because it was the first time I made it or something else.  But like I said before, it also makes getting the tissues in and out a pain.  I don't think people want to work for them when they need a tissue.

Because people like cat pictures.  Here is my boss telling me I'm not doing it right and to work harder.