Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Matching necklaces.

  I had a vision that I would list my crochet flower earrings and that they would just fly off the "shelf."  This has not happened.  As of right now I've only sold one pair of earrings.  I don't think it is because of how they look, I get lots of compliments when I wear the pair I made for myself.  I think the size is the problem.  Not everyone likes big earrings.

   I already made one pair of rainbow flower earrings, but I also wanted to make a pair with my blue gold-stone beads.  I couldn't tell which I would like better, so I decided to make a pair of each.
  When I went to go put them on the hoops I realized that I had no idea where I had put the two new bags I had purchased when they were on sale.  I was able to find one of the older ones that I hadn't put rubber bands on yet.  As I was looking at the single earring it occurred to me that they would also make very pretty necklaces.  This will let people who like the look of the items, but who don't like big earrings, enjoy them too.  It is also a good excuse to find more thread/bead combos I like.

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